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Craig Road animal hospital. The Craig Road animal veterinary clinic was founded in 1996 and treats cats and dogs. Services include vaccinations, dental care, and consultations. They also perform laparoscopic surgical procedures. The Craig veterinary care is located in a three-bedroom house. Dr. Mychajlonka and his staff provide the highest level of care for your pets. Craig Road Animal Hospital is one of the best places to bring your pets for veterinary care in the greater Toronto area.

Craig Road Animal Hospital Location

Craig Road animal hospital. The Craig Road Animal Hospital in Las Vegas is a full-service veterinarian’s office that treats cats and dogs in the North West Las Vegas area. Services offered include vaccinations, dental care, ultrasound, transport, and laparoscopic surgical procedures. The hospital also offers to board for cats and dogs. It has 31 employees and is open Monday through Friday. Patients may also request to have their pets seen by an acupuncturist or chiropractor.

Craig Road animal hospital. If you’d like to spend a weekend at the clinic while you’re in town, Craig Road Animal Hospital offers free housing for externs. Located near the Red Rock National Park and a block from Decatur Blvd, this area offers hiking, camping, and other recreational activities. Besides Vegas, you’re also within a short drive of popular Arizona, California, and Utah attractions. For more information, visit the website.

Craig Road Animal Hospital Services offered

Craig Road animal hospital. Located in North West Las Vegas, Craig Road Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital for both cats and dogs. They offer preventative care, vaccines, dental care, laparoscopy, acupuncture, ultrasound, boarding, and behavioral visits. Dr. Mychajlonka, the hospital’s founder, also offers behavioral visits and acupuncture. He’s proud to have earned a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite award for his work.

Craig Road animal hospital. Those without the ability to pay full price for their pet’s care can consider pet insurance to help cover the cost of routine veterinary care. This insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions, but it can help offset routine pet health expenses. Craig Road Animal Hospital also works with CareCredit to help spread out the cost of treatment. For veterinary care, insurance can help you pay for unexpected expenses. Alternatively, you can make payments over time with CareCredit.

Craig Road animal hospital. Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care opened in Nevada in 2011. This facility specializes in critical care for animals and is ready for any unforeseen emergency. The hospital works closely with LVVSC for specialist care and can diagnose complex cases on the spot. LVVSC also offers surgery, diagnostics, and referral services. You can choose a location based on the type of services you need. There are plenty of animal care facilities in Las Vegas.

Dr. Mychajlonka

Craig Road animal hospital. As a graduate of the University of Georgia, Dr. Mychajlonka has been practicing medicine for several years. He also participated in the Craig Road Animal Hospital extern program in 2015. Dr. Mychajlonka has two standard poodles, a flame-point Siamese cat, and many other pets. In his spare time, Dr. Mychajlonka enjoys hiking, basketball, and cycling.

Craig Road animal hospital. There are a total of 12 veterinarians at Craig Road Animal Hospital, each with their own unique approach to caring for animals. Their services range from vaccinations and wellness exams to senior pet wellness and dental care. Behavioral visits are also available. The practice was founded by Dr. Mychajlonka in 1996 and has grown steadily over the last quarter-century. You and your pet will be happy to know that they’ve been in business for over 25 years!

Craig Road animal hospital. While a veterinarian, Dr. Mychajlonka’s other interests include reading and photography. In his spare time, he also enjoys outdoor activities, photography, and photography. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Debbie, and two adopted kids. This combination of interests and work has led him to choose this field as a career. It’s a true pleasure for him to serve our community.

Craig Road animal hospital. For all your veterinary needs, Craig Road Animal Hospital has the tools to help you choose the best one. The hospital’s medical tools and knowledgeable staff make it an excellent choice for your pet. While the hospital is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic equipment and treatment methods, it doesn’t have the facilities for emergency care or a variety of other specialized surgeries. While the hospital’s staff is a wonderful place to take your animal for a health checkup, it’s best to seek out a veterinary practice that offers a more personalized experience.

Three-bedroom house

Craig Road animal hospital. If you’re in the market for a three-bedroom house near Craig Road animal hospital, you’ve come to the right place. The location of your property is critical – you’ll need to find a property near this facility so that you’re not inconveniently far from your animal friend. But how do you narrow down your search? To find the right property, you must set parameters based on your preferences.

If you’re interested in working at an animal hospital, Craig Road Animal Hospital offers an externship program for aspiring veterinarians. This AAHA accredited multi-doctor practice focuses on customer service and provides opportunities to learn from experienced veterinarians and other veterinary professionals. You’ll be provided with on-site housing and receive a weekly stipend as well as professional mentoring and the opportunity to work with leading veterinarians in this progressive practice.

Craig Road animal hospital

Craig Road animal hospital

Craig Road Animal Hospital Pet insurance

Craig Road animal hospital. If your pet needs medical attention, you should consider Pet Insurance for your companion. This type of insurance can help cover the unexpected cost of veterinary care. Pet insurance is not a substitute for routine care, however, and cannot cover pre-existing conditions. Fortunately, you can take advantage of pet insurance through Craig Road Animal Hospital. CareCredit also offers extended payment plans for pet health care, so you can pay off your pet’s bills over time.

Craig Road animal hospital. Pet insurance provides protection for your animal and a variety of procedures at a Las Vegas veterinary practice. It may cover dental care, laparoscopic surgeries, ultrasound, reproductive consultations, and other advanced medical procedures. It may also cover transport, boarding, grooming, and ultrasound. You can also choose to have your pet boarded at Craig Road Animal Hospital. This practice accepts pet health insurance, but it’s recommended that you call ahead to make sure the veterinarian you’re considering offers the coverage you’ll need.

Craig Road animal hospital. Many pet owners don’t realize that they can access their accounts online. Most insurance providers provide an online portal for clients to view their pet’s records and schedule appointments. They may also cover veterinary services that are not covered by the insurance provider. This feature is convenient for those who want to stay in touch with their pets and schedule appointments. They can also get regular health updates by logging in to an account online. And you can easily access all of the information you need about your pet by clicking on a link in the portal.

Craig Road animal hospital. If you are thinking about enrolling your pet in pet health insurance, consider Trupanion. The company sets reasonable premiums based on the breed, age at enrollment, and gender of your pet. The policy never increases in price, so it won’t penalize you if your pet gets sick. It’s an excellent choice if you’d like the peace of mind about the cost of your pet’s medical care.

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