Columbia Pike Animal Hospital Review

If you live in Columbia Pike, you’ve probably wondered what makes this animal hospital stand out from the rest. Columbia pike animal hospital from its specialties to the cost of its care, they’ve become a neighborhood favorite in 38 areas. If you’re planning to bring your pet to the hospital for the first time, read on to find out more about this animal hospital. You’ll also learn about their convenient location in Columbia.

Information About Columbia Pike Animal Hospital

If your pet is suffering from a medical condition, Columbia Pike Animal Hospital can help. Located in Annandale, VA, the hospital provides comprehensive animal medical care, including routine exams, diagnostic testing, and in-patient treatment. The Columbia Pike Animal Hospital is a neighborhood favorite, earning this title in 38 different neighborhoods. Read on for more information about Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. And for your convenience, the hospital accepts Pet Insurance!

Specialties Offered

In the Annandale area of Virginia, you can find two animal hospitals. One is Columbia Pike Animal Hospital in Annandale, Virginia, and the other is Town and Country Animal Hospital in Burtonsville, Michigan. Both are full-service, local practices with a high level of customer service and work-life balance. While the Columbia Pike Animal Hospital is smaller in size than its rivals, it offers high-quality care for all types of small animals.

This animal hospital accepts pet insurance. Although this type of insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, it can help offset routine medical costs. There is also a veterinary payment plan available to cover a portion of the costs of routine care. The fee for these plans is determined at the time of service, but you can choose to pay over a longer period of time if you desire. In addition to accepting pet insurance, Columbia Pike Animal Hospital works with several treatment financing solutions, including Scratchpay.

Cost of Care

When it comes to the cost of care at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. While many veterinarians accept pet insurance, it doesn’t cover the cost of routine medical care, and it won’t cover pre-existing conditions. The hospital offers pet insurance, however, so you can spread the cost over a longer period of time. Read on to learn more about how you can get coverage for your pet’s medical care.

If you live in the northern Virginia area, you may be concerned about the cost of care for your pet. The good news is that Columbia Pike Animal Hospital & Emergency Center offers 24/7 medical monitoring. They also charge no emergency fee for emergencies. The family-owned facility has been serving the northern Virginia pet community for more than 40 years. The father-son team of owners oversees the hospital’s operations and makes sure that every patient receives the highest quality of care.


For your pet’s medical care, consider visiting the Columbia Pike Animal Hospital location. This convenient location is conveniently located on Columbia Pike in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. The hospital’s doctors and staff are ready to care for your pet’s every need. With more than 37 employees, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected medical expenses. And, to help you make your payments easier, the hospital has several payment plans, including a convenient payment plan called Scratchpay.

As the premier vet clinic in Annandale, VA, Columbia Pike Animal Hospital & Emergency Center is equipped with the latest technology and medical devices to provide the highest level of care for your animals. With experienced veterinarians and nurses on staff, this clinic offers a wide variety of family-friendly services. From routine wellness exams to diagnostic testing and in-patient treatment, Columbia Pike Animal Hospital offers a variety of medical care for pets of all breeds, ages, and lifestyles.

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